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News Page + General Friends of Mold ∩ Meat Studios


October 31st, 2006

Little by little the studio is recovering from a massive data failure. (Read this as my records, digital projects from 2003-present, natural media "print" scans and products for professional printing and release - all dead). I have a few incomplete records and half scans that have been scattered across the places of the web I frequent in the form of WIPS. However, there is a lot of rebuilding left to be done. I need to contact some commissioners, get updates on their mailing info, and repost/send.
Perhaps this will teach me not to make all of my "sketches" in digital format before transferring to final paper. ^.^;

In any case, this has put a large block on my creativity, and with the winter winds approaching this may prove to be an interesting next few weeks if I try to be an art machine.
Hopefully I'll have something to show for it all.

Happy Autumnings.
- Kabikat

September 25th, 2006


Welcome to the "formal" news page for Mold n Meat Studios. It's also the official community. Redundant much?
In the near (or rather distant) future I'll turn this journal/comm into an RSS feed and integrate it into the studio webpage. Said webpage does not yet exist.
That being the case, this blurb on LiveJournal is the current sole manifestation of the state of affairs of my brainchild. Hopefully it will keep people informed of my projects, our accounts, and just what I've been up to.

Every "last Monday of the month" (or maybe just every other week) I'll be posting account reports. (happy little graphs). ... maybe...
Every Monday will be an update of the queue. (if any changes have occurred?)

In the meanwhile, I've got to make some nifty layout in S2, whip up some fancy CSS, and get ready to shine for the world.

Being in the red is rather fun. (sic)

Happy End of Summering!
- KabiKat
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